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Out with the old, in with the new; top tips on how to prepare your franked mail for the post

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We’re living in a digital world, so FP Mailing L&C have curated some top tips on how to prepare your franked business mail for a trip to the post office – if you are new to the wonderful world of franking, this blog will turn you into a pro in no time! Franking machines have multiple benefits from saving company costs to a sophisticated finish to your business mail, but do you know how to efficiently manage your postage preparation? Toss out your old stack of stamps and pens and go digital with franking; it’s quicker and both clean and professional – no calligraphy penmanship needed!


Add your professional frank mark

Our Postbase franking machines provide a professional finish that is more cost-effective than using stamps. Find out more on the cost benefits in our blog here. They also offer a personalised frank mark allowing you to include your business name on your mail which portrays a qualified and organised image of your business. On top of this, it’s a quick way to get your brand noticed by all who come into contact with your personalised mail and will increase brand recognition with the recipient.


Organise, organise, organise

Start simple, first separate all your mail by size and service. For example split them up into first and second class frank as well as by size of the envelope or package. To help you determine what size category your mail falls into, use this handy Royal Mail table guide.


Sanity check your addressed mail

From there you will need to complete a thorough check that all the addresses are correct, the appropriate frank mark has been used and that the frank is in a readable position i.e facing upwards and in the top right corner of the package or letter. Don’t fall at the last hurdle and allow your hardwork to go to waste!


Pack it, pouch it, be done with it!

Royal Mail provide free bags for parcels and pouches for letters to keep all your relevant post together – it’s easy! Pouches can carry up to 200 regular letters or 45 large letters and the Royal Mail bags can hold a maximum weight of 11kg. (The parcel bags are secured with first class and second class ties, so keep an eye on how many bags you need and the weight if you are using more than one.) Order your bags from Royal Mail here.


After you are all packed and ready to go you can drop your mail off at the local post office or nearest Royal Mail delivery centre. For more information on how to best use your franking machine or if you are interested in purchasing your first, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team at FP Mailing L&C team. Call on 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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