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Great news for franking; bad news for stamps

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The prices for postage have been updated and there is a very notable difference in costs, between stamps vs Mailmark and franking with and without Mailmark, with differences of up to 14p in costs from last year. In case you aren’t already aware, Mailmark is a state-of-the-art barcode technology that provides a machine readable 2D barcode, allowing online, custom reporting so that you can see the status of your mail, so, with the postage price increases effective 26th March this update means that Mailmark could be the most cost-effective and efficient method of postage for your business. Here’s a whole bunch of reasons showing the price differences and why we think you should consider switching to Mailmark.


Mailmark is more cost-effective than stamps

For 1st class postage, Mailmark is cheaper to use than stamps with savings up to 30p for letters, 23p for small parcels and up to a whopping £1.33 for medium parcels! Depending on how much mail you send regularly, for example let’s say monthly you send about 30 letters, 3 small parcels and 1 medium parcel, using the prices for the smallest weight, you would save about £5 a month and could easily save over £60 a year on postage by moving to Mailmark. It’s a no brainer!


Even more savings than franking without Mailmark

Franking will continue to be more cost-effective than stamps with the updated prices this March, however franking with Mailmark saves you even more than franking your mail without. Your business will definitely feel the surge of savings if you leap from stamps to Mailmark as the jump to franking saves you up to 16p per 1st class letter in comparison to up to 30p with Mailmark. The savings on 1st class postage doesn’t differ tremendously if you are already a franking machine user, but if you like to be as frugal and as cost-savvy as you can, we recommend adding Mailmark to your existing franking machine and saving up to an extra 14p per 1st class letter. For more on the advantages of Mailmark and its uses check our blog here.


2nd class savings are even higher

Post your mail 2nd class with a frank mark and save up to 36p per letter, 23p per small parcel and up to 43p per medium parcel - this is just by switching to franking, with Mailmark you can save an even further up to 44p on letters! Every little helps you to save money which can then be used on other areas of your business, so it’s worth having a look at franking and Mailmark. For more on the benefits of franking see our blog here.



We can help you find the right postage solution for your business and provide you with a no obligation quote, so if you would like to know if a franking machine would be good for your business or if you would like more advice and tips on Mailmark, simply call our friendly team on 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, you can discover more about Mailmark on Royal Mail’s website here.


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