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Top of the table! Why you should consider a desktop inserting system for your business.

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Are you sending out hundreds of letters, invoices, legislative updates to your clients, or using direct mail to win new customers? How much resource, cost (and money) do you spend on managing these tasks? There are ways to both minimise the time and money spent by your business which could significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your postage processes. Introducing the FPi700 table-top folder and inserter.

Easy to operate

The FPi700 has an easy to use central control panel with colour touchscreen, there is no complicated jargon, it is simple to understand. Just load your document and envelopes into the appropriate feeders and the display guide will take you through the inputs. Recurring jobs such as type of fold, address position and document sequence can be saved and accessed by the touch of a button – it’s that handy!

Mixed mail is easy

You can manually feed up to five sheets of material and add a supplement automatically from another station.

Powerful and flexible

The FPi700 can handle up to 1,350 letters in an hour and each material feeder can hold up to 100 sheets. The machine also continues operation when one station is empty, to streamline reloading for bigger mailings by using the tandem function.


This compact table-top inserting system is whisper quiet and provides high performance in a small package – perfect for every office. It also includes eco-features such as automatic power-off and a power saving standby mode.


You can use the FPi700 to quickly and easily add flyers, response cards or return envelopes to your mailing as well as use the folding function to produce pre-folded flyers. The integrated double-feed monitor reliably prevents errors and the clam-shell construction assures maximum ease of access for servicing.

Paper jam sorted

No need to worry, just open the machine and take it out like you would for a photocopier, and begin again – simple!

If you have any further questions about using a table-top folding and inserting system, or can see how the FPi700 machine would fit perfectly within your business, give our in-house expert, Allan Garnham a call on 01925 820 638 and we’d be delighted to help.

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