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Changes to Business Mail Advanced effective from April 2019

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Business Mail Advanced (BMA) is an efficient way for companies and organisations to send business mail in bulk, with a minimum of 250 letters, such as bills, statements, invoices and contracts. As a purely B2B service, it can be very cost-effective, is flexible for businesses with multiple delivery choices, and is especially useful when it comes to urgent company correspondence. Business Mail Advanced is currently available on all smart PostBase franking machines, however there are some new changes due to take place from April 2019. Get organised and prepare for a prosperous spring with the latest postal news and equipment updates from FP Mailing L&C, read on!


Send in Bulk

For a minimum volume of 250 letters for UK delivery, BMA provides the opportunity to organise and send out your grouped mail for each business project. Stay organised and keep track of all your mail for individual campaigns by sending off for delivery in one go!


Multiple Delivery Choices – Time is of the Essence!

There is a multitude of delivery options for urgent and non-urgent bulk mail, it’s up to you what you choose with different speeds available based on your mail volume.


Collection is Free!

That’s right – for less than 4,000 items contact Royal Mail before midday for same day collection for free and for over 4,000 items you must provide at least 24 hours’ notice.


Attractive discounts and cost savings

Depending on the volume of the bulk mail you send out at a time, BMA provides discounts. Currently, the cost of sending items via business mail advanced using Mailmark are 58p for 1st Class letters and 39p for 2nd Class letters. However, if you’re VAT registered, the true cost after claiming back the 20% is actually 48.33p and 32.5p respectively – this is a massive cost saving if you’re using Crown & Die franking and even more so if you’re still using stamps for your business mail!


What are the upcoming April 2019 changes?

Beginning 1st April 2019, the BMA 1st and 2nd Class letter service will soley be available through Mailmark franking, as it provides a barcode. Businesses will no longer be able to access BMA through a smart franking machine.


Why are these changes being applied to Business Mail Advanced?

The changes are coming into place because Mailmark provides easier access to customers and uses BMA via the internet as well as allowing for a quicker and more effective reading in Royal Mail’s sorting machines. It will allow your business mail to be processed more accurately and efficiently, saving time and money as Mailmark franking is even more cost-effective than franking without. Find out more in our blog here.


If you are concerned about the upcoming changes and want to upgrade to a Mailmark franking machine, we can help you discover the right solutions for your business. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team at FP Mailing L&C on 01925 820 638.

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