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How to prepare your franked mail

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Royal Mail make it pretty straight forward to successfully prepare and send franked mail, but as we like to try and make life even easier for our contacts, we have compiled some basic checkpoints to follow when preparing your franked mail to ensure things go smoothly.

  • Always do a test print before you begin, by setting your machine to £0.00 – this way you can make sure you have enough ink and the mark will be eligible. If the mark is illegible, your mail may be delayed or surcharged.
  • Double check the price, time and date are correct before you start printing.
  • Mailmark must be postmarked with the date it is posted or collected on as part of the presentation requirements. If you’re preparing mail to post the following day, you easily frank it in advance by setting the date forward on your machine.
  • In case your mail is undeliverable, always remember to include a return address on your envelopes, either as part of the frank mark or on the back.
  • Mailmark now must be printed on a white background only, so if you want to use different coloured envelopes then you can purchase labels to print your frank mark onto.
  • The franking mark must be clear, complete and in the top right-hand corner of your envelope.

At FP Mailing Lancashire & Cheshire, we don’t just supply you with your machine and leave you to it - we’re always on hand to provide any advice and guidance at any time. We can also supply you with your ink, labels and everything in between. If you have any queries about preparing your franked mail, would like to purchase supplies for your machine, or even simply look into getting a franking machine for your business, then our team is always happy to help. You can speak to us on 01925 820 638, email info@fpmailinglandc.co.uk or visit our website to learn more.

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