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Get your mail noticed

Tips • 9th May, 17 • 0 Comments


How to get your marketing mail noticed

92% of direct mail is opened. How do you ensure you don’t fall into the 8% that isn’t?  

It's easy to visualise potential or existing clients throwing your mail into the bin as quickly as they would delete a marketing email. UK statistics however, have proven that this isn't the reality. The large majority of individuals will open the mail; you just need to make sure it's attention-grabbing enough so that they take a good look at it. 

Birthday Card Envelope:
Use a coloured/colourful envelope that’s not the usual C5 shape and size. Make it look and feel like a Birthday/Thank you card. Maybe even write/print your message in a card (one of the blank for your own message types) 

Huge Note:
Have a note that unfolds to be bigger than even their desk maybe, a note this size would make the envelope itself thicker and more interesting straight away. Certainly memorable. 

Tiny Note:
Why not try just sending your business card in a similar sized envelope with a tiny post it note stating “Call me”.

Lumpy Mail:
A small gift to create lumpy mail is always an interesting one, what on earth have they ordered? Who is sending them this gift? What could it be, oh the excitement!

Handwritten Envelopes:
Oh here she goes again with her love of handwriting… shh it works. You haven’t tried it yet? Why not?

I would always suggest having a think about the type of people you are sending these letters to. It’s not always easy to generalise if you are sending out a large mail shot, it would be easier if you are sending very small targeted mail, nevertheless, it is possible. Are they a very professional group of people? Are they a creative type group? Different groups may appreciate different approaches.

I would love to hear your ideas, or tried and tested methods to get your mail noticed.  

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