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Toshiba Multi Function Printers

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Toshiba Multi Function Printers

The team at FP Mailing Lancashire & Cheshire are delighted to share some exciting news with you.

Introducing our latest range of innovative office solutions - Toshiba printers for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

We are absolutely delighted to now support our existing franking machine customers throughout all five postal stages from printing the documents to franking the letters.

2018 has already proved to have a great start as more customers each day are signing up to save costs for their businesses, through our multi-function printers (MFPs).

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The multi-talent compact A4 MFPs

e-STUDIO385S, 425S, 305CS, 306CS, the 407CS Series and 527S series

For dependability and outstanding picture quality look no further than the e-STUDIO385S, 425S, 305CS, 306CS, the 407CS Series and 527S series.

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a multi-tasker that can print, scan, copy and fax all in one device.

These devices can boost your efficiency with print speeds of up to 52 pages per minute!

The e-STUDIO407cs is a highly sophisticated A4 colour system, which covers all needs of a modern business. The excellent image quality give your documents an impressive look and feel and reflect the professionalism of your business.

Incorporating Toshiba’s advanced controller technology it seamlessly integrates into existing networks and can be administered with the same software tools as Toshiba’s A3 systems.

State-of-the-art document security is ensured thanks to the Toshiba Secure HDD, which protects your data from unauthorised access.

The e-STUDIO527s A4 monochrome MFP has all the advantages of a full size MFP and the convenience of a small size printer packed in one device. This new monochrome A4 series is suitable for small/midsize businesses as well as large enterprise organisations.

The seamless integration with Software Solutions, Open Platform Applications, and Cloud Integration make these systems unique in today’s market place.The new e-STUDIO527s is also unique in this class because it has extensive security features, including Toshiba’s propriety Self-Encrypting Drive (SED), 256 AES encryption, and data overwrite.

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A true all-in-one system designed for modern document workflows. Capable of delivering your documents fast and with outstanding image quality, this system enhances your daily work efficiency.


The e-STUDIO425s has it all — print, scan, copy and fax functionality in a compact design combined with highly sophisticated technology. Rely on the performance of this impressive system and benefit from increased productivity


The Toshiba e-Studio 305CS is an impressive colour multifunction system which covers all the needs of your day to day business.

  • Print, scan, copy and fax functionality as standard
  • Boost your efficiency with print speeds of 30 pages per minute
  • Remarkable and consistent image quality
  • 4 inch colour LCD display provides users with easy access to enhanced features and solutions
  • Energy saving modes and duplex printing are standard features to help save costs and conserve valuable resources.
  • 512kb RAM

Need something a bit more powerful? The 306cd boasts a 160 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM and a 7 inch colour touch panel

Monochrome and Colour A4 Printers

The e-STUDIO385P, 470P, 525P, 305CP

We understand that not all businesses require copy, fax and scan functions so our simpler, dependable A4 monochrome or colour printers could be for you.

The e-STUDIO385P, 470P, 525P, 305CP offer reliable output and vary in excellent document output speeds.

Ideal for small workgroups, the e-STUDIO385p monochrome A4 printer offers an reliable document output at a speed of 38 pages per minute and a paper capacity of up to 850 sheets.

Thanks to a resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi your documents are printed in high-quality and will impress with the crystal-clear images and graphics. The intuitive usage of the colour LCD display gives you easy access to all functions and informs you about your job status. Advanced print functions cover all needs of your day-to-day business and help you enhance your efficiency. To help save resources the e-STUDIO385p has energy saving modes and the duplex print function as standard.

The e-STUDIO470P is an A4 mono printer delivering exceptional efficiencies, performance and integration in a compact footprint. Intuitive operation installs user confidence and maximises productivity. Finishing options, extensive paper sources and enhanced data security ensures these mono A4 printers deliver on all levels, cost effectively.

  • Powerful monochrome A4 printer with a speed of up to 47 ppm
  • Exceptional image quality for professional document output
  • Wide range of hardware and software options to configure tailor-made systems
  • Energy Star compliant due to integrated duplex print function and efficient energy save modes

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The e-STUDIO525P is a high performing A4 printer that is the ideal system for businesses looking to increase their efficiency.

  • Impressive speeds of 52 pages per minute
  • Large colour LCD touch display providing easy access to enhaced features and solutions
  • Large range of output options to suit your document requirements
  • Feature-rich functionality and connectivity to solutions that streamline workflows and reduce costs
  • Built-in duplex print function and energy save modes


The e-STUDIO305cp is a reliable A4 colour printer which will create remarkable, high-quality documents for you. With a resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi you can take crystal clear graphics and images for granted. And smart technology ensures constant quality even for large print jobs.

Ideal for mid-sized workgroups this network compatible printer has a print speed, paper capacity and first print output time, which will help you enhance your productivity.

A3 Mid Range Multifunction Printers

The e-STUDIO5008A, 5005AC, 2000AC, 2500AC

If you need impressive document output at high speeds without sacrificing on exceptional image quality, then the ‘e-STUDIO5008A Series’, ‘e-STUDIO5005AC Series’, e-studio2000AC or e-studio2500AC could be the one for you. Phenomenal technology combined with intuitive usage via a 9” tablet style display makes these models completely state-of-the-art.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO5008A series is designed to put a fast, efficient, secure MFP in the hands of small and medium workgroups. Not only is it reliable, it also produces high-quality documents.

  • Five monochrome A3 systems with speeds of up to 50 ppm for businesses with demanding print, scan, copy and fax needs.
  • State-of-the-art technology combined with intuitive usage via a 9” tablet style display, which can be customised according to a user’s needs.
  • Ideal for medium to large sized workgroups which need reliable document output and expect excellent image quality.

Keeping medium to large workgroups in mind, the e-STUDIO5005AC series is easily integrated, customisable and solutions ready, with its open platform architecture.

Flexible integration with third-party solutions applications, an embedded web browser brings the workflow to one location.

Toshiba’s exclusive e-BRIDGE Print & Capture application enables you to use your mobile device to take advantage of the broad feature set of our MFPs — whether in the office or on the go.

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For small to medium businesses and workgroups that demand colour along with a small footprint, Toshiba has answered the call.

The e-STUDIO2000AC/2500AC is packed with industry-leading technology and innovations designed to help workgroups connect, integrate and simplify.

These two A3 colour systems are the perfect entry models for businesses and provide excellent value for money.

A tablet style, customisable user interface lets you enjoy the same sophisticated technology as Toshiba’s high-end models.

Both models deliver impressive document output at speeds of up to 25 ppm and cover all print, scan, copy and fax needs of modern businesses.

e-STUDIO2000AC: 20 ppm

e-STUDIO2500AC: 25 ppm

A3 High Volume Multifunction Printers

The e-STUDIO8508A and e-STUDIO7506AC

For all your printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs in both colour and monochrome there are the 8508A and 7506AC A3 High Volume MFPs.

Ideal for large print jobs as they deliver impressive document output and with the added accessory of a dual sided automatic document feeder with 300-sheet capacity, these MFPs meet every need of a fast-paced modern business.

The e-STUDIO8508A

Faster, sleeker, and more volume than ever. Toshiba’s new high-end A3 monochrome line-up has a sleek new design, on the outside and inside.

With an impressive paper capacity of 6,020 sheets and innovative functionality from the e-BRIDGE Next controller, users can create crisp clean monochrome prints at speeds of up to 85 pages per minute.

  • High-volume A3 multifunction systems with impressive monochrome document output at speeds of up to 85 ppm.
  • Support of cloud and mobile printing to give you the flexibility you need in today’s business world.
  • A new 9” tablet-style touch screen with an embedded web browser is easy to use and customisable to meet your needs.
  • Extra high-volume printing with outstanding print quality that meets the highest of expectations
  • A high-capacity Dual Scan Document Feeder enables users to process documents at speeds of up to 240 ipm.
  • 85 ppm

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 7506AC Photocopier – Sleeker, faster, and more versatile than ever. Toshiba’s high-end A3 colour 7506ac is as impressive on the outside as it is on the inside. Its ultra-modern look houses the latest innovative technology, delivering brilliant quality documents at speeds of up to 75 pages per minute (ppm) in colour and 85 ppm in monochrome.

Toshiba 7506ac has a dual scan document feeder. The 300-sheet capacity, high-speed document feeder seamlessly scans both sides of each page in a single pass with speeds of up to 240 images per minute.

A large touch-screen improves handling. It lets you work intuitively, helping you access instructions, functions and commands with ease. Size and order of icons as well as the background image can be customised to meet the individual needs and preferences of users. Enjoy the unique experience of working with a system that understands what you want.

Technology for every office, delivering advanced functionality, ease of use and peace of mind. Every industry has unique workflow needs. Toshiba has developed customisable MFPs to improve your work processes. Intuitive and smartly integrated, our products simplify complex tasks through customisable quick access icons and give you control while providing the reliability Toshiba is known for.

Eco Hybrid

The e-STUDIO5008LP


Designed for businesses that want high efficiency whilst remaining as environmentally-friendly as is possible, the e-STUDIO5008LP Series is a completely unique hybrid printing device that combines conventional printing with erasable printing.

It's the world’s first monochrome multi-function system with an erasable print feature - monochrome printing has never been this green!

  • Security

Amid growing concern about information security, there is increasing demand for data safeguards for MFPs. Toshiba Hybrid MFPs are compatible with a wide range of communication protocols to ensure information security. The series delivers advanced security solutions without sacrificing ease of use, including self-encrypting HDDs, user authentication and access control. Other powerful security features include access logging and PDF encryption.

  • Environment friendly

Toshiba Hybrid MFPs meet major environmental standards, such as EPEAT® Gold*, ENERGY STAR® and Blue Angel*. In addition, these Hybrid MFPs are certified as Toshiba Excellent ECPs (Environmentally Conscious Products) offering industry leading environmental performance. Reusing paper not only eases paper disposal issues and CO2, but also helps save the environment.

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Features of e-STUDIO5008LP

Toshiba's Hybrid MFP e-STUDIO5008LP series are monochrome MFPs with the world's first erasable print function which allows you to use the same paper over and over again.

  • Enhanced MFP function

Toshiba's e-STUDIO5008LP series are Hybrid MFPs which deliver conventional monochrome MFP functions with erasable printing on a par with those of the new dedicated e-STUDIO5008A monochrome series, so users can save paper without impeding office workflow.

  • Erasable Blue toner to reuse paper

Toshiba's Hybrid MFPs can print using Erasable Blue Toner (EB Toner). Using the main unit erase capability or optional paper reusing device, the toner can be erased so that paper can be reused over and over, which reduces paper costs and waste.

  • Workflow integration

Toshiba's Hybrid MFPs include its latest e-BRIDGE Next systems to offer users more flexibility in adapting to unique workflows. The new touch screen user interface allows the user to easily customize preferences and needs, with an eye to simplified workflows and meeting the specialized needs of vertical markets. The embedded application platform allows for easy integration of application solutions.

  • Cloud & mobility

Modern business relies on cloud and mobility solutions. The Hybrid MFP simplifies cloud and mobile printing and capture, enabling users to work anywhere they prefer.

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